Simple Country Folk.
Brendon Dunning
Singer Songwriter: Acoustic and Harmonica. Long Time Coming is the first outing for new and self-penned material from Brendon since the very first album on UK Records. The guitar is the same: A Martin D45 although the fingers work better on the Ovation nowadays. Brendon writes the songs and provides all the vocals and acoustic guitars. He also rediscovered his harmonica although he doesn't wear it around his neck any more.
Dave Levy
Producer Arranger Engineer and played the remaining instruments. Dave took a while to dig out the Fender Jazz even though he is suffering from the fact they don't make Dean Markley Groundwounds any more. It was nice to be more than "just" the bass player although becoming the recording engineer as well was a new experience. In fact the day-job is looking after the CG technology for a large international VFX company so there was little techno-fear but it made for an interesting learning curve anyway.