Simple Country Folk.
The last time you heard them play together was in 1977.

This was a good year for Brendon. An album of Folk ballads on UK Records and a top 20 dance single "Gimme Some" on Magnet at the height of the Disco era. Dave was the bass player in Brendon's band in between A-Level classes.

Two famous labels, one run by Jonathan King, the other by Michael Levy (now Lord Levy, no relation to Dave though) Savvy guys in the days of real vinyl singles, Jimmy Savile fronting TOTP and Mrs Thatcher about to come to power. This was the UK at its grittiest. Punk on the horizon and an economy on its knees.

So what is this album all about ?

I'm guessing it's a late stab at a bit of musical honesty. When you are 22 and the world is telling you what to do, your musical direction can get diverted. The immediate success can be hypnotic and sometimes the real music gets lost in the machine.

So 30 years later, an album. Maybe this is where we would have been had "Gimme Some" not charted. Hand crafted via email and stolen hours at weekends in otherwise busy lives. Dave makes VFX for cult Sci Fi show Dr Who and music videos for the uber famous acts who weren't even born when we were strutting our bad lapels on prime time TV. Brendon shares and runs a business.

Long Time Coming.
The writing has moved on since "Life in England", the B-side of Brendon's first single on UK records. In this he hopes to avoid the regular. In fact we did regular, big time.... and now the songs are more about being older. The view on the world is different now. More about fond memories and lost moments. A past that can't be undone rather than a future hope.

Unashamedly retrospective in both style and content, this album is about filling in the gaps. Probably it has its roots in 1977 and brings us through the intervening decades to the present day. Some may argue it didn't get to 2009 but maybe that's not the point. The connection has been made. We are reaching back to that original sound which got noticed in the first place.

Sounds strange coming from a couple of middle aged guys, but it's also about not being told what to do by other folks, which is all anyone can hope for, be you young or old.